For enterpreneurs

Dear entrepreneur!   

Riga City Council Housing and Environment Department would like to invite your company to involve in an international Baltic Sea region project NonHazCity, which aims to reduce the harm posed by hazardous chemicals to the environment and health of inhabitants. Several companies from Stockholm, Turku, Parnu, Gdansk, Klaipeda region are already involved in this project.

Why project NonHazCity?

Many chemical products that are used for professional operations (e.g. cleaners, detergents, cosmetics, degreasers, etc.) can contain chemical substances that are hazardous for human health and the environment. These substances might not exhibit immediate effects but regular exposure to them can sum up to long-term problems – be it occupational illnesses of employees or hazardous substances entering water bodies and polluting the environment.

Studies show that considerable amount of such substances in municipal wastewater treatment plant and further also in water bodies come from small companies and not from industrial users of chemical products.

To protect health of employees and clients as well as surrounding environment it is important to identify hazardous substances and as far as possible reduce the usage of them by choosing products with no hazardous chemicals or those where they are found in very small quantities. Most of the products intended for professional use have safer alternatives that are compatible in terms of price and efficiency.

Use of products containing less hazardous substances can also significantly ease participation in green public procurements for your company, as GPP criteria involve restrictions of occurrence of certain hazardous substances in products or services to be procured.

What does the project NonHazCity offer?

Chemical and environmental experts can offer to carry out free of charge inventory of products used in your company to identify whether they contain some of hazardous substances that would be best avoided. If problematic substances shall be identified, experts will assist you to find equal alternative products and evaluate their composition.

All information provided from your company to project experts will be treated as confidential and won’t be given to any third parties.

How to apply?

To apply for participation in the project NonHazCity or to get additional information please contact Riga City Council Housing and Environment Department project coordinator Larisa Abelite by e-mail: Larisa.Abelite@riga.lvor by phone 67012571.

Less hazardous substances, cleaner city!